Revolutionise Your Supply Chain Management with the Assure+ Portal: Streamline Processes, Improve Visibility, and Drive Business Success

introducing the Assure+ Management Portal – your all-in-one solution for managing every aspect of your supply chain. With our portal, you can set up value chain-based data classification, schedule data collection tasks, manage teams, create work orders, manage digital labels, and monitor batch management. Plus, you can easily manage your brand experience and view interactions with items across the entire supply chain.

easy to use

Easy To Use

Intuitive design and features eliminate the need for training

works offline

Works Offline

Download and sync your job assignments and collected data

easy to use


Assure+ Go speaks your language for global appeal

built for teams

Built For Teams

Assign jobs to your team members for enhanced collaboration

Secure when your story matters, Assure+ will help you tell it

Providing easy access to critical information, tools, and features. the portal helps you gain greater visibility and control over your supply chain operations. Say goodbye to manual processes and enjoy a more efficient and productive workflow with Assure+.

  • Product Catalogue
  • Content Management
  • Batch Creation & Monitoring
  • Item Management
  • Team Management
  • GS1 Ready
  • Mutli-language
Assure+ Dashboard
Frenched Lamb Rack

Create fully branded digital labels quickly and easily

When your story matters, Assure+ will help you tell it.

Revolutionise your brand with TradeWindow Assure+ provenance and digital labeling solutions, compliant with GS1 Digital Link standard QR codes and powered by our user-friendly platform.

  • Digital labels branded your way
  • Supports multiple languages, content types and more
  • GS1 Digital Link QR code compliant
  • Support for batch recalls and item management
  • Dynamically present reseller content

Assign jobs to your team that can be done even when offline

Boost Productivity and Transparency with Assure+ Go Task Scheduling.

Assure+ task scheduling enables administrators to assign, manage, and track tasks related to quality, certification and trust requirements within the platform.

Streamline data collection and management practices, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards.

Real-time updates and progress tracking, providing administrators with insights and data to optimize workflows, improve team performance, and ultimately enhance the value of their products, certifications and trust mark offerings.

Global Certifications Inc.

Create and share tasks with your team to transform data collection

Achieve new levels of efficiency and accuracy in your data collection and sharing.

Create data collection tasks and publish them to the Assure+ Go mobile application. The app simplifies data collection, saving time and resources with real-time progress tracking and offline capabilities. Team members in remote locations, such as coffee plantations and rural farming areas, with the Assure+ Go offline mode.

  • Bespoke Data Collection
  • Compliance, Quality Checks & Audits
  • Visual Inspections
  • Offline Mode
  • Simple and Intuitive
  • Multi-language and more
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Like to see how you would benefit from these powerful and yet easy to use tools?

Assure+ managed products now shipping to the world from:

Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, PNG , Poland, UK and USA.

Mercanta are embracing factual, evidence-based storytelling in a digital, compelling, and contextual way using TradeWindow’s Assure+ platform, formerly Rfider.

Mastercol is a Colombian based Coffee Exporter and Innovator bringing new origins, new flavours and new stories to market. Assure+ is powering their business.

“Assure+ has helped us showcase our specialty coffees to the world.”

— Natalia Meija, CEO Mastercol Colombia, on Assure+ formerly Rfider

Why our customers choose TradeWindow

Low Cost

Low Cost

Scalable, cost-effective platform billed monthly.

Easy To Use

Easy to Use

User-friendly tools for easy management and adoption.

Quick To Implement

Quick to Implement

Standalone or integrated, get up and running in no time.



Compatible with GS1 and other common standards.