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When supply chain transparency matters, Assure+ delivers

Next generation software to make collecting and sharing information across supply chains easier.

Supply chain transparency matters, which is why we created TradeWindow Assure+: cutting-edge tools for efficient information collection and sharing. Our powerful features, including digital labeling, mobile data collection, and blockchain technology, ensure transparency and efficiency.

Whether you’re in food production, equipment provision, or logistics management, Assure+ is the top choice. Join the digital revolution and unlock the future of supply chain management with TradeWindow Assure+.

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Boost impact and efficiency with Assure+ as the go-to solution for certifiers and trust mark providers.

Advanced mobile first data collection, digital certification and audit data management.

  • Digitise your certifications and licences
  • Collect better data, faster
  • Digital sustainability, organics & regenerative audits
  • Meet market demand for even greater transparency
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Start competing on origin and sustainability

Your low cost sustainability and supply chain transparency solution.

  • Tell the real story behind every cup
  • Deforestation reporting
  • Mobile first quality assurance tools
  • Streamline data collection and sharing
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Show me the honey

Elevate your honey brand by connecting consumers and leveraging modern digital tools across your quality processes.

  • Traceability for your honey supply
  • Digital product labels for consumers
  • Precision mobile data collection tools
  • Exportation and importation tools
hive management

Compete on efficiency, origin and sustainability

Assure+ revolutionises the consumer experience, empowers resellers, and streamlines logistics.

  • Digital labels – multi-language
  • Reseller co-branding
  • CO2 calculation and reporting
  • Streamline data collection in the field
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Turn your analogue products into digital powerhouses

From point-of-care testing kits to safety equipment, Assure+ links equipment products to digital services and advanced data collection capabilities.

  • Advanced mobile tools for data collection
  • Secure data capture and sharing
  • Cross organisation collaboration
  • Authenticity checks
specialty equipment

Capture the journey from vineyard to glass

Assure+ revolutionises the consumer experience, empowers resellers, and streamlines logistics.

  • Item authenticity checks
  • Digital Labels – Multi-language
  • Reseller co-branding
  • Secure data capture and sharing
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Honey Sales Loading Receiving (SLRS)

Start collecting better data faster with Assure+ Go

The Assure+ companion app for streamlined collaboration and data collection across your supply chain.

  • Eliminate the need for paper-based processes, reducing the risk of errors and increasing efficiency
  • Work online or offline. Now tasks can always be completed regardless of connectivity
  • Schedule jobs for your teams, ensuring that everyone is working together efficiently and effectively
  • Modern tools for the modern workforce, enabling workers to complete tasks quickly and accurately.

Start collecting better data faster with Assure+ Go

Your mobile app for streamlined collaboration and data collection across your supply chain.

  • Offline mode for remote locations
  • Multi-language. Easy to use. No training
  • Extensive library of configurable tasks
  • Team collaboration tools
  • Geofenced task completion
Assure+ Go Mobile App

Your global transparency command centre

Achieve complete supply chain transparency, traceability, streamlined processes, improved visibility, and business success effortlessly with Assure+, all without the need for coding.

  • Easy to configure
  • Standalone or integrated
  • Tools for teams and job scheduling
  • Secure and scalable
Your global transparency command centre

Meet your CO2e compliance and business objectives.

  • Report on CO2e on international and domestic shipping
  • Empower your suppliers to provide greater transparency
  • Audit your practices with the Assure+ mobile application
  • Tell your sustainability story using Assure+ digital labels
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Help consumers make more informed purchase decisions

Revolutionise your brand with Assure+ provenance and digital labeling solutions, powered by our user-friendly platform.

  • Digital labels branded your way
  • Supports multiple languages, content types and more
  • GS1 Digital Link QR code compliant
  • Counterfeit protection measures
  • Dynamically present reseller content

Simplifying FSMA traceability reporting for food producers

Assure+ aids food producers in meeting the traceability requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). The solution offers mobile apps and an easy-to-use portal that allows food producers to manage their supply chain data in a transparent and customisable way.

FDA 2021 traceability solutions winner

Meeting requirements from 2024 onward, ensure EU reporting compliance for forest-friendly goods.

Meet your reporting requirements on deforestation. Demonstrate compliance and ethical sourcing with verifiable product origin and impact records.

  • Easy digital label integration
  • Google Earth Pro ready
  • Upload and store mapping files
  • Onsite audits with Assure+ Go
Sustainability Source Map
Wine Industry Impact Awards

In 2022 The Australian Wine Industry Suppliers Association (WISA) awarded Assure+for market leading innovation.

FDA 2021 Traceability Solutions Winner

Assure+, formerly Rfider, has been awarded by the US Food and Drug Administration for innovation in food safety related traceability.

“Easy access to deeper information about products via QR code.”

— Darren Oemcke, Director of Hydra Consulting

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Going live with TradeWindow Assure+ is easy. Our platform is user-friendly, with a streamlined onboarding process that ensures a hassle-free experience. With our team of experts, we provide support and guidance throughout the entire process, so you can be confident that your transition to TradeWindow Assure+ will be seamless and stress-free.

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Assure+ managed products now shipping to the world from:

Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, PNG , Poland, UK and USA.

Mercanta are embracing factual, evidence-based storytelling in a digital, compelling, and contextual way using TradeWindow’s Assure+ platform, formerly Rfider.

NSW Wine was able to onboard 17 wineries onto the Assure+ platform in a matter of days and create its first industry event catalogue in a few seconds.

Mastercol is a Colombian based Coffee Exporter and Innovator bringing new origins, new flavours and new stories to market. Assure+ is powering their business.

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All the features you need to get started on the Assure+ platform



All the features you need to get started on the Assure+ platform



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Low Cost

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Easy to Use

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Quick to Implement

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