TradeWindow Assure+ (formerly Rfider) is an all-in-one solution for collecting, securing, and sharing item-level traceability and process data within and across organizations.

capture your event data, fast

Capture your event data, fast

Mobile first tools for your teams that make any data collection and sharing easy, reliable and fast.

Reduce the time it takes to collect quality traceability event records.

answers always at hand

Answers always at hand

All the information needed to get the job done better, including item histories, recall alerts, safety information and more.

Improve team productivity and cut down serving times, while reducing wastage, damage and errors.

simple setup and management

Simple setup and management

Works as a standalone solution or can be easily integrated to your systems of record and other tools.

Start achieving your quality, productivity and traceability objectives without any costly integration and setup costs.

Assure+ supply chain transparency

How will you use TradeWindow Assure+

meet market and regulatory demands

Meet local market and regulatory demands

Provide full disclosure about product provenance, ingredients and overall journey through the supply chain.

achieve efficiencies and scale in data collection

Achieve efficiencies and scale in data collection

Collect critical tracking event records using modern mobile first tools and automated feeds.

improve food safety and incident response

Improve food safety and incident response

Identify outbreaks and trace the origin of contaminated food to its source speeding response when health is at risk.

Why do customers choose TradeWindow Assure+

item level traceability

Item level traceability

Detailed critical event tracking at an item level for maximum control.

all in one


Everything needed for compliance, issue resolution and incident response.

ease of use

Ease of use

Intuitive mobile first tools which make data collection quick and reliable.



Use with your existing tools, systems of record and industry solutions.

Case Studies

Read more about our customer experiences in improving their planning, sourcing, manufacturing, compliance and customer service capabilities since partnering with TradeWindow.

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