customs module

Customs Declaration Module:

TradeWindow Freight

Take full control of your customs clearance processes.

The TheTradeWindow Freight Customs Declaration module facilitates your management of jobs from the time that you receive documentation through to the return of the empty container and closure of the job. You can have complete control of your financials and ensure that billing is done correctly and on time.

The TheTradeWindow Freight Customs Declaration module is fully integrated with the TradeWindow FreightAccounts suite so that any financial posting in a job is instantly posted into the accounting ledgers. This means that you can keep control of your credit terms and always have an up-to-date financial status for your business.

The client profiles mean that border management status, delivery address details, alerts, and other client information are always displayed in jobs.

The advanced parts management system ensures that once you have classified a product and answered the CP questions the process from then on is automated, saving time and reducing errors.

Each job has a full history of the messages sent to Customs and the responses. Return messages with errors can be highlighted to the operator so that prompt action can be taken. The return messages are used to automatically update the job with the status plus post the duty and GST amounts to the billing screen if required.

The Cartage Management screen displays the status of cartage tasks and highlights problems and potential problems. This will facilitate the pickup and delivery of containers and LCL cargo plus the return of empty containers. Cartage tasks should not slip through the cracks and become a major problem.

The commercial lines and your billing lines are automatically drawn into the landed cost system. Changes and additions can be made and in a matter of a few minutes, a landed cost report can be printed or emailed to your client.

Key Features

  • Job registration
  • Parts & Tariff management
  • Job Costing
  • Client profiles and rates
  • Documents
  • Cartage management
  • Landed Costs
  • Electronic messages to Customs
  • Electronic message to cartage companies
  • Electronic shipment data exchange with other brokers and forwarders
  • Electronic import of commercial invoices from suppliers
  • Integrated email
  • Search jobs using a wide variety of fields
  • Comprehensive statistical and financial reporting