freight module

Freight Module:

TradeWindow Freight

Take full control of your freight forwarding processes.

TradeWindow Freight’s Freight module facilitates your operational management and financial control of import/export/sea/air shipments. You can have full control of your shipments and provide proactive customer service and ensure that billing is done correctly and on time.

The TradeWindow Freight Freight module is fully integrated with the TradeWindow Freight Accounts suite so that any financial posting in a shipment are instantly posted into the accounting ledgers. This means that you can keep control of your credit terms and always have an up to date financial status of your business.

The client profiles mean that delivery address details, alerts and other client information are always displayed in shipments.

There is a comprehensive range of documents to cover import, exports, sea and air including neutral MAWBs and HAWBs on laser or dot matrix, BOLs, Arrival Notices, etc. Documents can be printed or emailed using the integrated TradeWindow Freight gateway.

Multiple currencies can be posted to a shipment with integrated exchange rate management automatically handling currency gains and losses. Client invoices can display local and/or foreign currencies and can have a mixture of currencies.

Shipments can be linked to multiple orders with current orders visible from the Freight module.

Key Features

  • Job registration
  • Job Costing
  • Client profiles and rates
  • Documents
  • Integrated with Cargo Reporting modules for messages to Customs
  • Electronic message to cartage companies
  • Electronic shipment data exchange with other brokers and forwarders
  • FWB and FHL messages
  • PRA
  • Sailing schedule & container data from 1-Stop
  • Integrated email
  • Search shipments using a wide variety of fields
  • Comprehensive statistical and financial reporting