transport local

Transport Local:

TradeWindow Freight

Control the daily operations of your transport fleet with simple and powerful screen displays.

Your clients can be automatically notified of key status information. The TradeWindow Freight Transport suite is fully integrated with Accounts and Asset modules so there is no requirement to transfer data to external systems.

Problems and impending problems are highlighted so that operators can take action and avoid missed deadlines. Vehicles, drivers and trailers can be allocated dynamically.

Powerful reporting capabilities allow you to analyse your business with breakdowns of statistics and revenue by vehicle, driver and client.

Key Features

  • Book jobs
  • Daily work sheet
  • Web Portal for clients
  • Mobile POD with sign on glass
  • Integrated with Cyberfreight accounts
  • Auto rating
  • Vehicle service & task management
  • Electronic interface to clients
  • Statistics on vehicles and drivers
  • Interface to satellite navigation systems
  • Automatic depreciation schedules from Asset register