TradeWindow Assure+ Wine transparency

Improve provenance and sustainability for wine with Assure+

Streamline Operations, Ensure Compliance, and Deliver a Transparent and Trusted Product to Consumers
TradeWindow Assure+ Wine Transparency and Sustainability
TradeWindow Assure+ Wine

Tell the real story behind every bottle

TradeWindow Assure+ is a comprehensive solution that empowers wineries and appellations to streamline operations, ensure compliance and deliver a transparent and trusted product to consumers.

Our user-friendly platform is powered by digital labels and GS1 compliance to

  • simplify traceability
  • enhance consumer engagement
  • promote sustainability initiatives

With Assure+, wineries and appellations can meet industry standards while differentiating themselves in the market.

all in one

International Standards Compliance

Use of digital labels and GS1 compliance

The digital labels used in Assure+ provide easy access to deeper information about products via QR code, allowing consumers to learn more about the product they are purchasing. The platform is also GS1 compliant, which means it adheres to international standards for business communication, ensuring that product information is accurate and traceable throughout the supply chain.

ease of use

Capture in-field data

Assure+ Go app

Assure+ Go is a companion mobile app designed for streamlined collaboration and data collection across your supply chain. It eliminates the need for paper-based processes, reducing the risk of errors, storing data in one true source and increasing transparency and efficiency. The app allows tasks to be completed online or offline, so tasks can be completed regardless of connectivity.

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TradeWindow Wine provenance and sustainability


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Why our wine customers choose TradeWindow

Low Cost

Low Cost

Scalable, cost-effective platform billed monthly.

Easy To Use

Easy to Use

User-friendly tools for easy management and adoption.

Quick To Implement

Quick to Implement

Standalone or integrated, get up and running in no time.



Compatible with GS1 and other common standards.

Wine Industry Impact Awards

In 2022 The Australian Wine Industry Suppliers Association (WISA) awarded Assure+ for market-leading innovation with the Wine Marketing & Tourism Award.

NSW Wine was able to onboard 17 wineries onto the Assure+ platform in a matter of days and create its first industry event catalogue in a few seconds.

FDA 2021 traceability solutions winner

TradeWindow Assure+ emerged victorious in the “Food and Drug Administration (FDA) New Era of Smarter Food Safety Low or No Cost Food Traceability Challenge”.

“Easy access to deeper information about products via QR code.”

— Darren Oemcke, Director of Hydra Consulting