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NCTS Customer Testimonial on TradeWindow Freight

About TradeWindow Freight

TradeWindow Freight

A comprehensive, powerful and flexible system, it provides superior control and visibility of each supply chain stage – from order placement to goods delivery and is equipped with integrated accounting functionality. The TradeWindow Freight system reduces the costs, errors and delays associated with manual processes.

The International Logistics industry is under constant pressure to reduce delivery times and minimise costs. The TradeWindow Freight team recognise the critical nature of IT system reliability and functionality across the industry, and focus on the intelligent application of technology to maximise efficiency and productivity gains.

Why Choose TradeWindow Freight?

Realise cost savings

Customers who switched reported saving as much as 20% – 40% per year.

Only pay for what you use

TradeWindow Freight is module based so you only pay for the modules you use.

Seamless switching

Switch seamlessly with in-person and online training options, as well as access to local support.

Reliable customer service

Providing timely, accurate, and dependable support to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Our Freight Software Modules

TradeWindow Freight Software Accounts Module - switch and save up to 40% annually

Accounts Module

TradeWindow Freight Accounts module is a multi-branch, multi-currency with a comprehensive range of facilities including general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable and cashbook.

Key Features:
  • Multi-branch and department access
  • Client credit control profiles
  • Integrated email
  • Integrated with operational modules
  • Comprehensive financial reporting
TradeWindow Freight Software Freight Module - switch and save up to 40% annually

Freight Module

The TradeWindow Freight Freight module facilitates your operational management and financial control of import/export/sea/air shipments.

Key Features:
  • Client profiles and rates with job costing and job registration
  • Electronic messages to cartage companies
  • Electronic shipment data exchange with other brokers and forwarders
  • Sailing schedule & container data from 1-Stop
  • Search shipments using a wide variety of fields
TradeWindow Freight Software Customs Module - switch and save up to 40% annually

Customs Module

The TradeWindow Freight Customs module helps you to manage jobs from the time that you receive documentation through to the return of the empty container, and closure of the job.

Key Features:
  • Parts & Tariff management
  • Cartage management and landing costs
  • Electronic import of commercial invoices from suppliers
  • Search jobs using a wide variety of fields
  • Comprehensive financial reporting
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Read what our customers have to say

wallace international
“TradeWindow Freight has great features that add efficiency to our business, this saves our staff time and enhances the customer service experience. For example, we can now process 12 jobs per hour, instead of what used to be 4 per hour.”
— Bob Wallace, Managing Director at Wallace International
NCTS - a trusted partner to clients and associates in providing international freight forwarding and logistics
“The Customs Module is particularly beneficial as it simplifies the customs clearance process. For example, when I’m working on classifications and declarations, and claiming a preference under the FTA where one is not required due to it being a duty-free item, straight away a visible notification appears on the screen. This saves me time as I don’t have to search for any errors in ICS.”
— Tony Nikro, NCTS Managing Director
IBC Pacific - provide an efficient timely customs brokerage and freight forwarding service
“TradeWindow Freight gives our small company access to a complete freight, customs and accounting package at a reasonable price. TradeWindow Freight integrates with our own hardware platform. It works for our customs brokerage, import and export airfreight needs. TradeWindow Freight team are great to work with.”
— Warwick Edwards, Operations at IBC Pacific

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