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No more waiting for manually created certificates on someone else’s time.

Super-fast Certificates of Origin mean you can get on with your other tasks without having to juggle half-completed piles of export docs.

  • Automated and auto-approved certificates for preapproved goods
  • Weekday approval for certificates that contain unapproved goods
  • Submissions are available 24/7*
  • Self-service or assisted initial goods setup
  • Customs compliant
  • Exports from New Zealand and Australia
  • Friendly customer support

Our solution is user-friendly and easy to set up.  Plus, our local team of experts are available to provide support and answer your questions.

TradeWindow Certificate of Origin
Digital Certificate of Origin - TradeWindow

Certificate of origin options

There are various certificate of origin options that are available through the TradeWindow Origin application.

These include:

  • China Free Trade Agreement (CFTA/ChAFTA)
  • ASEAN Australian New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA)
  • Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP)
  • New Zealand/Australia – United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement (NZ-UKFTA/A-UKFTA)
  • Non-FTA certification (or self-declaration) is also offered for any importing destination.

It’s as easy as:

TradeWindow Origin - Signup

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TradeWindow Origin - Upload Goods

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TradeWindow Origin - Upload Certificates

Create Certificate of Origin

TradeWindow Origin - Certificate approved

Certificate Approved

Certificate of Origin New Zealand

TradeWindow Origin is authorised by the New Zealand Customs Service (under the Customs and Excise Regulations 1996) to issue Certificate of Origin in New Zealand for AANZFTA, CFTA, NZ-UKFTA and RCEP; and is authorised by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to issue Certificates of Origin in Australia for AANZFTA, ChAFTA, IA-CEPA, JAEPA, TAFTA, KAFTA, A-UKFTA and RECP.

Certificate of Origin Australia
TradeWindow Origin - JASANZ
TradeWindow Origin - ISO 17020
TradeWindow Origin - ISO 9001
TradeWindow Origin - MFAT
TradeWindow Certificate of Origin

Before implementing TradeWindow Origin, TradeWindow’s data-driven platform for digital Certificates of Origin, it could take up to 24 hours to generate a Certificate. Using TradeWindow Origin has meant that these certificates can now be generated for ANZCO’s customers within 20 seconds.

“Customers love it – they now have the original certificates within seconds of approval. It’s drastically cut down the waiting time for them.”

– Leigh-Anne Furby, ANZCO Foods Document Manager

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TW Origin

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Certificates of Origin (CoO) are an essential component of international trade. They confirm that the goods in a particular shipment have been wholly obtained, produced, manufactured, or processed in a particular country. CoOs may be requested by importing countries’ Customs Departments, importers, freight forwarders, or banks.

Check out the process below. You can expect the process to take 5 minutes per product. Part of the process will depend on how many products you need to register.

  1. Register a new company
  2. Register a new authorised signatory
  3. Register goods and apply for your certificate of origin

Our TradeWindow Origin team will help get you up and running, including bulk updates when required.

Currently, certificates are required for the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement, NZ China Free Trade Agreement and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

AANZFTA is an agreement between ASEAN member states; Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, New Zealand and Australia.

CFTA is an Agreement between New Zealand and China.

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership is a free trade agreement among the Asia-Pacific nations of Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

There is various certificate of origin options that are available through the Origin application. These include certificates for import countries following free trade agreements and requiring verification by an authorised body i.e., China Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and ASEAN Australian New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA) and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP).

Non-FTA certification (or self-declaration) is also offered for any importing destination.

Yes, TradeWindow Origin is authorised by NZ Customs as a verifier of the goods origin criterion and issuing the certificate for the goods according to the CFTA, AANZFTA and RCEP.

Customs monitor and audit TradeWindow Origin competency and processes regularly.

Almost instantly once data is submitted for certificates in the electronic form, where the auto-approval is instated.

If a certificate is required in a manual format e.g., wet-stamped or where auto-approval is not instated, the turnaround for these is one working day.  Our team can help you with these as required.

Once the Origin verifier approves the origin criteria and HS code for a good, all future shipments for that good into that particular FTA will automatically be issued and approved when the relevant data is submitted to the Origin system.

All Non-FTA certificates are auto-approved.

Origin criteria approval is valid for three years from the date of declaration. New goods submitted are validated by the Origin verifier as true and correct.

New goods approval will take up to one working day to approve providing all supporting documentation is supplied according to the specific requirements of the FTA.

We can help you with manual/wet stamp certificates too if that is what you need.  Contact our team at

*24/7 access is based on using approved goods. Does not apply to wet stamp requirements.