Assure+ is the trusted partner of leading honey brands, providing them with a customisable platform that delivers end-to-end traceability and transparency for their products.

Barkman Honey

Outstanding honey products should standout

Looking to differentiate in a crowded market?

In today’s crowded marketplace, honey brands need to stand out by providing consumers with the assurance of quality and safety. Assure+ is a comprehensive solution for supply chain transparency and traceability, enabling honey brands to do just that. Gain a competitive edge in the honey industry with Assure+.

  • Digital product labels
  • Hive to consumer traceability
  • Drum inventory and batch record keeping
  • Precision tools for precision beekeeping
  • Food safety compliance
hive management

Help consumers make more informed purchase decisions

When your story matters, Assure+ will help you tell it.

Revolutionise your honey brand with TradeWindow Assure+ provenance and digital labeling solutions, compliant with GS1 Digital Link standard QR codes and powered by our user-friendly platform

  • Digital labels branded your way
  • Supports multiple languages, content types and more
  • GS1 Digital Link QR code compliant
  • Counterfeit protection measures
  • Dynamically present reseller content

Precision tools for precision beekeeping and honey processes

Tools for teams that even beekeepers will love.

TradeWindow Assure+ Go is a mobile application that can improve efficiency and transparency in the honey supply chain. Beekeepers can use the app to digitally record their honey collection data, including location, quality, and quantity, while processors can track honey batches from receipt to final packaging. Start transforming your honey supply chain today.

enter shipment details
Audited certificate

Streamline your honey exportation and importation

From government authorised certificates of origin through to arranging your shipping. Trade is easier with TradeWindow.

We’re authorised to digitally issue various certifications on behalf of the Australian and New Zealand government agencies. Online, convenient, quick and easy to manage from the one secure location.

  • Export entry certificates
  • Certificates of Origin
  • Certificates of Analysis
  • FTA
  • Halal certificates

Take the first step towards your honey’s digital future with TradeWindow.
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TradeWindow Assure+ Honey provenance
Zelandia Honey

Zealandia is connecting consumers around the world to the unique story behind every batch of honey they produce.

TradeWindow Assure+ Wine transparency

Assure+ is the ultimate turn-key, cloud-based solution for coffee industry businesses looking to prioritise the origin and sustainability of their products.

TradeWindow Certificate of Origin

TradeWindow Origin is an affordable, fully automated Certificate of Origin service available 24/7.

Why our honey customers choose TradeWindow

Low Cost

Low Cost

Scalable, cost-effective platform billed monthly.

Easy To Use

Easy to Use

User-friendly tools for easy management and adoption.

Quick To Implement

Quick to Implement

Standalone or integrated, get up and running in no time.



Compatible with GS1 and other common standards.