We’re redefining trade by refining trade practice

The challenge facing trade today is its adherence to legacy system thinking. With trade practice still predominately based on manual systems of old, and developed to accommodate a linear one-to-one chronological sharing of information, the pressure for improvement (accuracy, speed, collaboration and responsiveness) is falling on the trade practitioner, or new digital systems that are not designed to handle the demands of trade practice.

At TradeWindow, we developed a purpose-built, seamless end-to-end data transfer system that redefines trade. Specifically built after intensive research and analysis into trade systems and the unique needs of many trade  ractitioners, TradeWindow is an end-to-end digital trade ecosystem – proven to provide significant benefits by improving the productivity, connectivity and visibility of trade processing.

What is TradeWindow

TradeWindow is a purpose-built digital ecosystem that has resulted from intensive and intimate work with selected trade partners throughout the trade value chain.

The system was born out of a desire to identify how and where the latest and most sophisticated digitalisation technology could help refine trade practice. The goal was to eliminate the inefficiencies and frustrations (trade processing pain points) within the trade sector, by creating a unique super interconnected ecosystem that unifies the use of data.

Allowing access and utilisation by existing legacy digital trade systems used by the myriad of partners that operate within the practice value chain. By providing a system that allows multiple use of single-entry data across all systems, TradeWindow has found a way to bring unprecedented transparency, security, accuracy, speed and collaboration to all trade partners in all aspects of trade processing.

Additionally, our bespoke data security system provides further valuable insight into how and when data is being used, allowing for greater understanding of user needs and the building of more empathic and robust relationships. These all lead to a more effective and efficient approach to trade processing and standardising throughout what it is now – a trade data user network.

Working with trade partners fascinated by data creates a unique system to make individual data universally available and accessible.

How it works

TradeWindow uses the latest technology available to deliver secure network channels, proprietary data unifying software and sophisticated data encryption to track, trace and monitor all data activity throughout the trade value chain.

This means that, through the TradeWindow platform, multiple users can have simultaneous access to the data that is most relevant for their unique and specific needs. As specific users – whether they be governance, logistics, financial , or Importer or Exporter partners – need access to process their data for specific needs, the system provides an indelible record of activity.

This not only provides additional efficiency and security within the system (maintaining and protecting trade data’s integrity) but in and of itself provides useful and additional insight into how, where and when data is being used, which can help manage and improve understanding of the demands and uses of the partners within the trade value chain – helping build stronger and more valuable relationships between contributors and, by nature, improving collaboration. This in-turn not only streamlines the trade practice, but improves productivity, efficiency, collaboration and accuracy within the trade system.

Our unique trade solutions ecosystem standardises data at a single point of entry, allowing access and utilisation by all systems throughout the trade value chain.

The unique attributes of TradeWindow technology

seamless third party integrations

Seamless third party integrations

Our cube platform facilitates the transfer and allocation of data points into most of the dominant legacy systems used by the primary pillars of trade activity such as:

  • Commercial
  • Logistics
  • Finance
  • Governance partners

This means that the benefits and value you derive from the TradeWindow platform can be easily and seamlessly transferred to your trade partners and contacts.

end-to-end connectivity

End-to-end connectivity

Only TradeWindow has been designed to deliver to the full spectrum of trade needs.

optimise workflow

Optimise workflow

Because data points can be accurately and seamlessly shared – our system ensures greater efficiency and responsiveness – which means efficient and productive collaboration – and hence reduced resource and time required to deliver shared data outcomes.

automated data entry

Automated data entry

TradeWindow’s seamless integration across the many systems used in trade processing ensure that data captured once can be used by many.

Our super connectivity software allows the sharing of fields across all systems eliminating manual data entry,

We have created a system that can use a single entry data field across all future platforms with the trade practice network.

TradeWindow benefits at a glance

The secret ingredient in the TradeWindow ecosystem, is the unique ability to facilitate simultaneous, multiple-access to all data within a trade transaction.


By allowing instantaneous access and manipulation of data for users specific requirements, we save time though negating the need for multiple entry and input errors. Plus, a single-source dashboard access, allowing for ease of data and information locating and sourcing.



Data can be used from a single point of entry, therefore we reduce the risk of human error caused by multiple entries.



Our system makes everyone’s lives easier, reducing the frustration of misinformation or errors.



Our encryption and tracking technology is amongst the most sophisticated in the world.



Simultaneous access means multiple users can work within their own systems, utilising single-entry data as required.

relationship enhancement

Relationship enhancement

Because our system significantly improves the speed, transparency, accuracy and access – not to mention provide additional tracking and usage insights, the TradeWindow system allows for greater relationship management.

data usage insights

Data usage insights

Help build appreciation of needs for other contributing partners.

positive experience

Positive experience

Reducing time, increasing efficiency and enhancing accuracy all provide for a more positive trade experience.

greater understanding of trade

Greater understanding of trade practice

Reflects the ever-increasing complexity bought to trade practice with the increased dependency and expectation caused by technological advancements.

The changing nature of supply chains

Supply chains are no longer linear, relying on the systematic and chronological transfer of data from one source to the next – often via a ill fated paper trail. Today’s supply chains are more integrated networks with many participants transferring and sharing data from many to many simultaneously.

TradeWindow technology allows for new trading practices, accommodating the new multi-layered, multi-faceted models of data sharing, delivery, accuracy, connectivity, traceability and protection demanded in today’s trading environment.

The result, trade redefined by:

Improved productivity

Seamless connectivity

Constant visibility

Only TradeWindow has the capability to deliver end-to-end trade solutions

Increased complexity of correspondence, planning and approvals processes have exploded fragmented and evolved the communication demands of trade.

Our 3 critical success factors

Our solution ecosystem has been developed to redefine the success factors of trade processing.


Our document data input solution delivers:

  • Accurate data capture and consistency of supply.
  • Aggregation of data across multiple channels.
  • Efficiency by eliminating the need for multiple inputs.
  • Systemisation of data formatting for streamlining compliance needs.


Ensuring data can be shared across a variety of independent or traditionally stand alone systems is critically to important to the fluid, visible and reliable use for data.

Our CUBE platform has been developed to allow for the sharing of data – creating one source of truth – reducing errors of duplication, reducing time and resource allocated to input and tracking, and the conversion and re-application of data through a traditional approach.

CUBE has the ability to manage complexity and the need to share data across a variety of users and their intendant platforms of choice.

We have researched the main systems of choice used for trade practice such as xx and xxx and created a system agnostic platform that allows the conversion of specific data points across systems and into specified fields.



One of the primary benefits of technology is visibility.

Through TradeWindows Assure+ solution we are able to provide a virtual window into trade activity right throughout the value chain.

Even better than that, we can also provide proposition validation and justification throughout a brand and product value chain.

Validating source, process, pack, distribution, consumption, disposal and circularity claims for added proposition development as required for governance of product claim mandates.

We can provide end-to-end verification and status of value chain qualities.

We make trade process data seamless

Whether it is the data required for supply-side requirements, or for those who have a vested interest in supplying information, such as importers, exporters, freight forwarders, or customs brokers.

For those on the demand side who have a requirement to download data and transform it for their own information and knowledge requirements our system democratises trade data. By allowing for seamless transfer between all prominent information systems TradeWindow data standardisation provides for the information needs of all trade practice participants – from commercial logistics, finance, governance, and, increasingly end users.

By utilising the world’s most sophisticated secure data systems we can ensure that all data points are permission protected, access tracked and verified for accuracy. The systems ability to utilise single sourced data, and translate that into the operating system of all providers through hotel supply chain and ensuring the utmost security protection and timely delivery is redefining the way the world trades.

data supply

Data supply

Software to capture, format and aggregate data to meet trade compliance requirements.
data supply

Data demand

Permissioned access to trusted data needed by supply chain partners to deliver their service.
we make trade process

We are using the latest technology available to deliver secure network channels and provide systems that unify data to redefine the trade system.