TradeWindow is a trusted partner of leading meat processors and exporters, together we’re creating more efficient global supply chains.

TradeWindow Certificate of Origin

Connect with your consumers to build brand loyalty and value

Looking for an easy to use solution to create and manage digital labels?

Instantly provide consumers with access to detailed information about your products, batches, or items by integrating GS1 Digital Link QR codes. Enhance transparency and build trust by allowing customers to easily verify product authenticity and trace its journey from farm to table.

  • Labels branded your way
  • Supports multiple languages, content types and more
  • GS1 Digital Link QR code compliant
  • Dynamically present reseller content and branding
Connect with your consumers to build brand loyalty and value
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Compete on sustainably

When sustainability matters to your brand and customers, we’re here to help.

For meat processors competing on sustainability or requiring evidence of sustainable practices for market access, we’re here to help.

  • Tell your sustainability story using Assure+ digital labels
  • Report on CO2e on international and domestic shipping
  • Empower your suppliers to provide greater transparency
  • Audit your practices with the Assure+ mobile application
  • End-to-end supply chain traceability

Streamline your meat exportation and importation

From government authorised certificates of origin through to arranging your shipping. Trade is easier with TradeWindow.

We’re authorised to digitally issue various certifications on behalf of the Australian and New Zealand government agencies. Online, convenient, quick and easy to manage from the one secure location.

  • Export entry certificates
  • Certificates of Origin
  • Certificates of Analysis
  • FTA
  • Halal certificates
Export documents made simple

Export documents and compliance made simple

When accuracy and efficiency are crucial for your export documentation, TradeWindow Prodoc is your trusted solution for streamlining processes and optimizing operations

  • Simplify document creation, management, and tracking.
  • Integrate with existing ERP systems for efficient data flow.
  • Submit documents seamlessly to border agency systems.
  • Automate tasks, reduce errors, and improve workflow efficiency.

Embark on the digital transformation journey for your meat products with TradeWindow.
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TradeWindow Certificate of Origin

TradeWindow digital solutions are a key enabler of Anzco’s $1.7B annual sales to customers in more than 80 countries.

When Greenlea Premier Meats moved to TradeWindow Prodoc, it was “the best thing we had done for our export team “.

“TradeWindow has made it easier and more time efficient for our internal offices ”

— Leigh-Anne Furby, ANZCO Foods, Document Manager

TradeWindow Assure+ Wine transparency

Assure+ is the ultimate turn-key, cloud based solution for coffee industry businesses looking to prioritise the origin and sustainability of their products.

TradeWindow Certificate of Origin

TradeWindow Origin is an affordable, fully automated Certificate of Origin service available 24/7.

TW Prodoc 200 x 150

Prodoc is a customisable enterprise document solution designed to meet the demands of mid-market to large enterprise exporters trading internationally.

Why our customers choose TradeWindow

Low Cost

Low Cost

Scalable, cost-effective platform billed monthly.

Easy To Use

Easy to Use

User-friendly tools for easy management and adoption.

Quick To Implement

Quick to Implement

Standalone or integrated, get up and running in no time.



Compatible with GS1 and other common standards.