TradeWindow Freight

TradeWindow Freight’s Warehouse solution offers advanced functionality to manage even the most complex warehouse environments. This powerful system helps to ensure fast, accurate fulfilment through directed, optimised workflow, using the most advanced wireless and barcode technologies, including RFID. Containerisation, wave planning, and slotting drive further efficiencies.


  • Freight Settlement

    Processes and analytics for optimal cost reduction and margin improvement


  • Global Trade Management

    Simplifying International trade processes, landed cost and compliance


  • In-Transit Control

    Optimal deployment and balancing of transportation capital and human (inc driver compliance and fuel economy, etc.)


  • Dock Management

    Providing a graphic interface for inbound and outbound appointment scheduling


  • Optimised Transportation Logistics

    Managing the dynamics and costs of multi-modal global transportation in real-time

Key features

  • Automated paperless warehousing – barcode scanning, RF, serial numbers, batch & expiry date tracking
  • Improved customer service and higher sales revenue
  • Pick orders faster and with increased accuracy, based on product movement frequency
  • Optimise resource activity through precise and accurate instruction handling
  • Achieve faster ROI with staged implementation possibilities
  • Stock control – control inventory to reduce tied-up capital
  • Process large order volumes quickly and accurately
  • Monitor warehouse inventory and activity 24/7
  • Warehouse Management – multiple warehouses, zones and branches
  • Automatic billing that is flexible for each client
  • Slotting Optimization
  • Labour Management
  • Yard Management
  • Integrated EDI Scan Packing
  • Web and eCommerce Systems
  • Voice Directed Solutions
  • Mobile Field Service
  • Stocktake & Data Capture Solutions