Productivity sollutions from TradeWindow

Productivity sollutions from TradeWindow

TradeWindow’s Prodoc, Freight, ExpressFreight, ExpressDoc, and Origin solutions are designed for exporters, importers, freight forwarders, and customs brokers to run business-critical processes. Our solutions are purpose-built. Each is designed to capture data at the source and automate workflows to deliver efficiency, accuracy, and quality for all involved.

Integration into TradeWindow Cube enables automation of cross-organisational workflow, with data available from the source in near real-time.

Common capabilities across TradeWindow’s Productivity solutions include:

third party integrations

Third-party integrations

Seamless connectivity with Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”) systems and border agencies.

optimise workflow

Optimise workflow

Efficient logical workflow and interactions with key partners across the supply chain ecosystem.

automated data entry

Automated data-entry

Capture data once at source with edits syncing across documents and modules. Eliminates manual data entry, duplication of work, and human error.


TradeWindow Prodoc is a customisable enterprise document solution. It is designed to meet the demands of mid-market to large enterprise exporters trading internationally. Prodoc is a flexible solution that has been designed to leverage customers’ IT investments with integration into either on-premise or cloud-based ERP systems. Prodoc integrates systems used by border agencies for compliance submission.


TradeWindow Freight is a modular solution for managing freight forwarding operations from order management to warehousing. Modules can be combined to deliver an end-to-end freight forwarding focused ERP system. Core capabilities include accounts, Customer Relationship Management, container freight station, customs, e-commerce, export documents, freight, customs, order tracking, local transport, shipping and airlines, and warehousing.


TradeWindow ExpressFreight is a cloud-based solution for cargo reporting and border clearance solution. It is targeted towards shipping lines and their agents, air freight couriers, and operators of independent customs bonded stores. ExpressFreight eliminates the need for manual data entry and connects with New Zealand border agencies through Electronic Data Interchange (“EDI”) connectivity.


TradeWindow ExpressDoc is a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) cloud-based self-service export documentation solution. It is designed to meet the needs of an MSME at the start of their export journey. ExpressDoc captures data at source through an Application Programming Interface (“API”) with cloud-based accounting software solution Xero, with MYOB to follow soon.

tradewindow origin

TradeWindow Origin is authorised by the New Zealand Customs Service (under the Customs and Excise Regulations 1996) to issue Certificates of Origin in New Zealand for AANZFTA, CFTA, and RCEP. It is also authorised by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to issue Certificates of Origin in Australia for AANZFTA.