We know from speaking with some of our largest exporter customers that there are significant challenges in managing the rapidly evolving trade conditions in the current global climate.

Partnering with a trusted and proven solutions provider will help you to remain competitive, streamline your processes, increase transparency and efficiency, and all while saving you time and lowering your costs.

  • Create export customs documents quickly and accurately with automated digital documents
  • Get real-time access and visibility to all your shipments and transport partners in one platform
  • Access collaboration tools to help optimize shipments with custom notifications and integrations into trade industry partner networks
  • Reveal powerful analytical capabilities to enhance performance
TradeWindow’s Prodoc, ExpressDoc, Freight, and ExpressFreight solutions are designed for exporters, importers, freight forwarders, and customs brokers to run business critical processes. Solutions are purpose-built, with each designed to capture data at source and automate workflows to deliver efficiency, accuracy, and quality for all involved. Integration into Cube enables automation of cross-organisational workflow, with data available from the source in near real-time.
tradewindow prodoc
TradeWindow Freight
tradewindow expressfreight
tradewindow expressdoc
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TradeWindow’s Cube solution enables organisations involved in global trade to securely share mission- critical data and collaborate with partners across the supply chain ecosystem. Trusted collaboration is made possible using an enterprise-grade security underpinned by blockchain technology. Permissioned parties can view and edit, with actions recorded on an immutable audit trail. Cube is design to connect all parties through integration into incumbent systems used in each part of the supply chain.
tradewindow cube

TradeWindow’s Assure solution is designed to enhance transparency both within organisations and across the supply chain. Assure enables organisations to re-use data to build trust with both businesses and consumers. Customers can provide parties with permissioned access to blockchain-verified records which prove end-to-end traceability of goods.

tradewindow assure

Direct access to data and trade documentation.