Redefining Trade

Built to super-connect global trade

What is TradeWindow?

TradeWindow provides the smartest TradeTech solutions that connect all organisations across the trade ecosystem.

TradeWindow is an innovation company that builds and operates trade technology

Our Principles

Why TradeWindow


A “single source of truth”, spanning your entire supply chain 24/7 and backed by blockchain to provide an unbreakable trail of trust


A low-touch platform to remove errors and waste, harmonize with other networks and generate actionable insights to accelerate trade


A champion for change to the way trade has “always been done” – so companies can focus on their customers and generate more value across the trade process

What We Can Deliver

Our customers trust TradeWindow to help

Manage Risk

Securely store and transact mission critical data.

Increase Productivity

Drive collaboration across your entire supply chain.

Reduce Costs

Reduce time spent on busy work and eliminate costly errors.

The Challenge

Trade Problem Today

Global trade is currently done using a broken system that relies on third parties, human intervention and antiquated siloed paper-based systems resulting in:

  • Lack of visibility
  • Inefficient workflows
  • Unsecured “mission critical” information flows