Maintenance and Support Agreement: Australia


1.1 This document explains the service support provided by TradeWindow. It also explains what is not included in free support and provides a list of additional services offered by the support team.



2.1 Support Team

2.1.1 TradeWindow support team deals with the majority of support queries and are available by phone or email throughout our business hours from Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm AEDT (excluding public holidays).

2.2 Customer Success Team

2.2.1 During the installation phase, you will also be introduced to your Customer Success Specialist who will proactively assist you on your journey with TradeWindow to ensure that you will be getting the best out of the TradeWindow products and services.

2.3 Developers

2.3.1 Our development team works on bringing great new features to TradeWindow products and investigating any issues which have been reported.



3.1 Your ongoing maintenance costs give you access to ongoing support, which covers the following:

  1. Access to Software updates as they are released, with new features and fixes.
  2. Assistance from the Support Team with any questions you have about how the Software works, or how to operate the Software.
  3. Showing your IT team how to run and install the Software and updates.
  4. An investigation conducted when something in the Software is not working. We will spend 30 minutes investigating an issue.  If we suspect that we are not at fault, we will offer to continue to assist, but a time charge would apply unless we find the issue is indeed our fault
  5. Fixing problems with your documents when they are not working as designed. This does not include where changes in the way you do business have caused previously working forms to exhibit issues, for example, if you change to using longer codes that no longer fit boxes on the form as originally designed.

3.2 Where possible we will assist via remote connection.  We are flexible regarding remote access method, but after initial setup will only cover the cost of up to 5 minutes getting connected.  If it is sufficiently complicated to connect (including any correspondence that has to be entered into each time) you will be billed for time over and above the first 5 minutes.



4.1 TradeWindow Prodoc is a very flexible application that can be modified in any number of ways to best suit your needs.  Our Support team can assist you with:

  1. Adding new forms and EDI messages to your system, or altering/updating existing ones as your needs or 3rdparty requirements change over time
  2. Simplifying your process by automating any processes you find your team performing repeatedly
  3. Building workflow management to suit your needs using Tasks
  4. Exposing your data in new and useful ways using flexible Home Screen Overview Panels
  5. Adding new data fields to allow you to capture additional information that is either newly required or that you have been keeping elsewhere
  6. Creating or modifying interfaces to/from other systems
  7. Creating or modifying customised reports within TradeWindow Prodoc
  8. Creating/maintaining any test system (if you choose to have a separate test system absolutely nothing relating to it is covered as regular support and any maintenance or investigation will be billed separately)
  9. Performing Software updates for you or installing the Client on new machines
  10. Moving database/services to new machines
  11. Anything that would normally be included in support that you want to have done outside of our business hours
  12. IT Support (if you don’t have a dedicated team). This typically includes managing maintenance and backups of the TradeWindow Prodoc database but can extend to general assistance with most things PC related if you require it



5.1 We are a proactive team and are focused on great Customer Service.  To allow us to deal with support requests promptly and effectively, we recommend the following:

(a) Urgent Issues & Requests:

If you need a fast resolution and it’s during business hours, please call on one of the following numbers:


(03) 8657 5520


(07) 3067 3673


(08) 8120 3210


(02) 9098 5969 

After hours support is also available but will attract an additional surcharge as per below.

(b) All Other Support Requests:

  1. Send an email to, and the most appropriate person will respond.
  2. Unless you are already dealing with a particular person on a specific issue, please only send to the one address above, as copying your email to multiple members of the team can significantly delay our response.
  3. If you have sent an email and realise the issue is urgent, please follow up with a call.  We do not deal differently with emails marked important, with read receipts, or words like ‘urgent’ in the subject line. We typically respond to emails within one business day.



6.1  We aim to be transparent when it comes to support and additional development costs. Our support are set out in table 1:

Table 1: Costs *
Support Team hourly rate $250 / hr, minimum 20-minute charge applies.
Developer hourly rate $250 / hr, minimum 20-minute charge applies.
New form cost (per form, printed or emailed forms) $320 per unique page, max $775 for 3+ page.
Form changes or EDI message development Time spent based on the above rates.
Reports Time spent based on the above rates.
Server move Typically, 3-4 hours, at hourly rates.
Site visits Time on-site at an hourly rate plus travel costs and travel time.
Interfaces Typical cost $3,000 for a new interface.
Other support Time spent based on the above rates.
Specific Administrator Cost (at customer request) Hourly Support Team Rate plus any overtime changes.
Test system transfer If you have a test system, time spent moving tested forms/interfaces/etc., into your live system will be billed at an hourly basis based on above rates.
Documentation of work New forms/interfaces are not provided with explanatory documentation, and if required (scope of work, technical guides, etc.) this will be added based on time spent.
Travel All travel costs are on-charged.  This may include flights/accommodation outside of Auckland or a standard per km rate for travel by car.

*All prices are in AUD, Accurate as of April 2023, Excludes GST

6.2  Please note that urgent support requests outside of our defined business hours (as per clause 2.1.1) are charged at 2x the rates outlined in the above table.