The Trade Window Solution

Cube Platform

Seamlessly manage your entire export operations from a single platform capable of compliance, risk management, finance and insights.

Cube is the only sector neutral platform capable of connecting the commercial, financial, logistics and government data silos that make up global supply chains.

The Cube platform consists of features that can be customised to solve your company’s specific pain points


Automated creation and integration of export documents connecting to various organisations

  • Connect with all government organizations required to generate export documents
  • Fast and friendly support
  • Straight forward Integration

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Seamlessly created and uploaded

  • Linked with all certification organizations required for exports
  • Includes Free trade requirements and product specific declarations


Secure government approved document storage facility

  • Version control and real-time visibility
  • Permissioned access allows verified supply chain
  • Blockchain backed audit trail provides immutable document traceability


Permission based access and activities

  • Contract and stakeholder management
  • Permissioned based document sharing allowing real time visibility and access
  • Instant multi-lingual messaging
  • Information is protected with encryption and blockchain technology


Integrated process with all major sea and (coming soon) air carriers

  • Electronic bookings
  • Increased speed and reduced errors
  • Container events, ETA & ETD with smart notifications

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End to end supply chain visibility and insights

  • Full traceability, visibility, and product safety verification across supply chain
  • Permission blockchain provided immutable and trusted audit trail
  • Differentiates your product and empowers customers with details of your brand story and supply chain process


Real time supply chain data to unlock working capital solutions

  • Participate in L/C, invoice factoring marketplaces
  • Increased funding options
  • Lower capital costs

Maximise Effectiveness, Minimise Cost

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